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30 + years Experience.



Patricia Thomas has been in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years. I have owned 2 Spa Salons for 10 years . I started as a Cosmetologists. I specialized in Hair Cutting/ Coloring/ Color Correction.

After being in the Cosmetology industry I decided to expand to the Aesthetic Field. By pursuing  the Aesthetic industry I discovered many new Procedures in that area. I studied the Skin and the treatments and the latest prosedures for the treatment and preservation and Beauty of the skin.

I have worked with different Dr's and Surgeons in the treatment of SkinCare and also Laser Treatments'

By attending Conventions I discovered Permanent Makeup. That was 14 years ago and I'm totally amazed and so Pleased with all the new Acquaintances and Wonderful Trainers in theis field. These great group of Ladies and Gentlemen are so giving and helpful and willing to share all their knowledge and Experience. I am so grateful to have made their acquaintance and friendship.

My first Training was in Venice Florida: 

Cheryl Doss: Soft Tap 2003

Debbie Diorio Nouveau Contour 2004

Debbie Diorio Nouveau Contour 2005 -2006    

Ez Permanent Makeup  2006

Rose Bachman Beau Institute 2008

Lisa McNabb & Alina  Bozman Montana 2009

Dr. Linda Dixon Las Vegas with many Trainers 2010

Dr. Linda Dixon  Gainsville Florida with Many trainers and Tina Davies 2012

Techs Helping Techs Rhonda Vacanti with Tina Davies and  many Trainers 2014

Will Anthony, Taryn Darling 2017

"Over 14  years of experience in Permanent Makeup Industry."


After Lash Extensions

Lash Technician

Patricia has Trained and offered Training in the art of Eyelash Extensions for 15 years. She also offers Lash Perming and Dying

After Hairstroke Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattooist

Patricia Has Trained in the Art of Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing/ Micropigmentation for 14 years. She has trained all over the world with many different Trainers who Specialize in this Art. She holds many Certifications. She Specializes also in Color & Shape Correction and Removal .Some of her specialties are Eyeliner,Eyelash Enhancements, Lip Tattooing.


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